Historical issues

The methods of similarities and content analysis we plan to design will allow to carry out much more effectively relevant comparisons and connections between images of the illustrated corpora as they will provide, on the one hand, new groupings of images according to their content and the texts they illustrate and, on the other hand, fine distinctions between various modalities of representation by the image.

The historical analysis of these new groupings of images, of the different types of similarities and differences (between images, texts and images) they contain and their evolution in the time will provide new information on the modalities of circulation of scientific illustrations (implicit or explicit borrowing processes, modes of production and diffusion, readers, etc.), lead to the discovery of new iconographic circulation networks and, in doing so, allow to conduct new works and to answer to several essential questions in studies of the circulation of illustrated scientific knowledge, starting with the place and role of the image in the transmission of these knowledge.

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