VHS project

VHS is an interdisciplinary research project bringing together specialists in History of Science and Computer Vision to develop a new approach in the historical analysis of the circulation of scientific knowledge and the development of a visual scientific thought from the Middle Ages to the modern era, based on new methods of illustration analysis.
This approach meets three converging ambitions: (1) the design of an innovative digital tool to perform large-scale diachronic and transversal analyses of illustrations in medieval manuscript collections and modern encyclopaedias and treatises; (2) the development, within this framework, of new methods of Deep Learning, using little or no human supervision, which will lead to the constitution of iconographic series that can be interpreted by historians; (3) the analysis (thanks to the results obtained) of the iconographic evolution and illustration transformation modalities, for a renewed study of the place and role of image in the circulation of scientific knowledge.
This research notebook presents the main goals and aspects of the project. It will provide regular updates on the progress of our work and the results obtained.